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What's So Special About Special K Protein Water?

There has been an increasing interest in weight loss solutions and it stands to reason that it may be difficult to decide which product is right for you. On you can hear what real people are saying about Special K Protein Water 

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Review Summary 

Trying to capitalize on a weight loss market that has become crowded with new ideas, the folks at Kellogg enter the game with Special K Protein Water. As an adjunct to your diet, this product may, as the website states, "help you stay on track." With protein as the primary ingredient, it sounds benign and potentially helpful, but is it really something a dieter needs? 

Product At A Glance 

Available in four flavors, the product contains some vitamins and minerals, and may be consumed anytime, anywhere since it is essentially only 5g of protein and fiber in liquid form. The product positioning is that of a weight loss aid, whereas it sounds more like a sports drink. The manufacturers want consumers to believe that this drink can help to curb hunger throughout the day in a fashion that other drinks cannot. 

Product In Focus 

The primary ingredients offered in Special K Protein Water are Protein ,Calcium , Niacin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and Dietary Fiber. Fiber may create a feeling of fullness in some if enough is ingested. This product only contains 5g of Fiber, so we heavily question the manufacturer's claim that this product may help with hunger. The drink is sold in the form of 16-ounce bottles, which come in cases of 12. This product comes in four flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Twist, Mixed Berry, and Tropical Blend. 


Toting around a protein drink may look trendy, but with so little protein in the formula, just how much may the consumer actually benefit and is it necessary? As a sports drink, this product may have some merit, but it may be as a refreshment for a jogger, biker, tennis player, weight lifter, or anyone else who may be active and thirsty. Lifestyle wise, we offer a word of caution. Two of the artificial sweeteners in this product, although widely used, may have some carcinogenic potential. Special K Protein Water may be more akin to flavored water than to diet aids. We challenge dieters to drink 16oz of plain old water and see for themselves, they will feel full temporarily. 


• Conveniently available at grocery stores and supermarkets
• Can be consumed anywhere, anytime
• Contains vitamins and minerals


• Not a diet product
• At best it may be a negligible aid to some dieters
• Not guaranteed to work
• Requires specific diet or other diet supplements for efficacy

Final Thoughts 

The product may be more of a sports drink than it is a weigh loss supplement. In fact, it has no weight loss ingredients. It many ways, it's simply a small amount of protein in liquid form. So we wonder how it may suppress the appetite or eliminating cravings. As such, we feel that this product should be subjected to tests to let the public know whether this may actually offer more effective hunger suppression than simply consuming 16oz of water. Anyone serious about weight loss should visit the links at the top of this article. These links will bring readers to the largest diet review site in the world, constantly updated with consumer feedback to help determine which diet products work and which do not.

Author : Shane Crafton

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